(3-5 years)

Come tumble in the jungle with us!   Jungle Gym classes offer preschoolers 3-5 years old an awesome opportunity to develop a positive outlook on physical fitness and learn gymnastics in a safe, fun learning environment. Creative circuit-based lesson plans combined with educational themes focus your child’s natural energy while developing strength, flexibility and coordination in addition to promoting cognitive and social development. In addition to learning beginning gymnastics on all men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics events and trampolines, Jungle Gym classes teach other sports-related skills and prepare children for the academic environment. By using scaled down equipment and progressive, age-appropriate development, Jungle Gym classes are an enjoyable experience for every preschool child.

Tiny Tigers

(Prerequisite: The child must be able to enter and participate in class independently. )

Tiny Tigers is a 45 minute Jungle Gym class for children ages 36 months to 42 months.  

Little Lions

Little Lions is a 60 minute Jungle Gym class for children ages 3½ to 4½ years, not eligible to enter Kindergarten in the upcoming school year.

Kinder Roos (Pre-Kindergarten Class) 

Kinder Roos is a 60 minute Jungle Gym class for children eligible to enter Kindergarten in the upcoming school year. 

Kinder Roos II (Class option available in Spring ONLY)

(Prerequisite: Completed at least 10 consecutive weeks of Little Lions or Kinder Roos classes, recommended by an instructor and approved by the Preschool Program Director)

A 60 minute Jungle Gym class designed for our older and more experienced Jungle Gym students to transition them from our Jungle Gym circuit based class model to our Developmental School Age program station based class model.  Instruction will focus on skills that are part of the curriculum used in the developmental school age girls, boys and tumbling programs. 

2017 Summer FLEX Classes

10 WEEKS - June 5th - August 12th


45 min class 1x week for 10 weeks = $143

60 min class 1x week for 10 weeks = $165

90 min class 1x for 10 weeks = $215

  • Jump Start's Summer FLEX Schedule offers families a flexible scheduling option of 8, 9 or 10 weeks.
  • If enrolling for less then 10 weeks please state in the comments section the date(s) to be missed. 

Classes will not meet on the following days: 

  • July 4th – Independence Day

Registration is ongoing throughout the  year. You may join at any time. Class fees will be pro-rated.

Questions? Please call the office at 692-5867.




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