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What is the Zumbini Program?

Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, the Zumbini program is an early childhood education program that utilizes original music and movement to create the ultimate bonding experience for families, all while promoting cognitive, behavioral, fine/gross motor skill, and social development for children ages 0 - 4.  Little ones bring their adult WITH them.  And siblings are ALWAYS welcome to our classes (at no extra charge).  

To keep the fun/development going at home, each family will receive a Zumbini curriculum "Bundle" that includes a song book, 2 music CD’s (one for home and one for the car), a plush figure (to accompany the book) AND the special code to access the ZUMBINI app (with shows & songs).  The songbook also contains a story to read with your child along with tips for caregivers and parents.
What are the benefits of taking a Zumbini Class?
The benefits of the Zumbini™ class are innumerable! The first benefit is the bonding, the time shared between caregiver and child. Other benefits include social, emotional, cognitive, motor, and language development. Music stimulates learning naturally. Music and movement tap into all three types of learners: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. No matter which type of learner your child is, they can benefit from this music and movement program. Children learn through play, and the Zumbini™ format is based on just that: "Playing" with music!
How can my infant benefit from the Zumbini program? 
The first benefit is the bonding, the time spent with you and your child. The rest of the benefits will fall into place naturally, including social, emotional, cognitive, motor, and language development. While your child is in your arms, they will feel the beat and learn the rhythm through your body. Just as a child learns to talk by hearing you talk, they learn music by spending time with you musically.
What is a Zumbini class like?
Fun! The Zumbini™ class is a 45 minute movement and music class for children, age 0-3, with a caregiver. The class format consists of both large movement and seated singing and smaller movement. The class is a structured mix of recorded music and live singing, giving the children and caregivers two different experiences, one flowing into the next. The licensed Zumbini™ instructor will lead simple movement/dance songs and will also sit and sing some really fun songs. In addition, the instructor will lead mommies, daddies, caregivers and kiddos with instruments and scarves during class. Another really fun moment in class is the instrument jam session!
Meet Miss Michelle!
I LOVE working with kids and like to "drum to the beat of your different marcher."  First and foremost I am MOM to two crazy, wonderful sons that I love spending time with.  I was an Early Childhood teacher when I first started out, and have been a Child Developmental Specialist for Early Intervention since 1999.  I was lucky enough to own  Positive Attitudes Aerobics until 2004, and ROCK and WIND Early Learning until 2012.  As director of the developmental therapy department at SHINE Therapy Services, I get to visit children in their homes to facilitate play and foster development, and accompany families on community outings when they are having challenges.  I believe that "CHILDHOOD IS A JOURNEY NOT A RACE!!"  When the ZUMBINI program started, I knew it had my name written all over it and I couldn't wait to start!  Other fun hats that I get to wear...ZUMBA instructor, ZUMBA KIDS instructor, facepainter for ARTSY SMARTSY, bellydancer and wall muralist! 
The TV show, "Zumbini Time," airs on BabyFirst TV three times per day, EVERY DAY.

2019/20 School Year Zumbini Classes

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CLASSES BEGIN the week of January 25th!
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Still have concerns about interacting with individuals outside your “pod”? Consider the “Create-a-Class” option where children who have been social distancing together can create their own class time! Staff are prepared to teach different ages, levels and if possible, programs, to a pod of students at a time that fits into your schedule and ours. Call 309-692-5867 to create your custom class!
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