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Our team development program is called Rising Stars. Participation requires an invitation from the Team/Team development director. Gymnasts in the Rising Stars program practice 2 days a week (4 to 5 hours a week). The program is year-round and typically begins during the summer. Occasionally, gymnasts will be asked to join this program at the start of the school year.

The main goal of our team development program is to develop and train female gymnasts to represent Jump Start Gymnastics in future USA Gymnastics-sanctioned competition. Gymnasts in this group will be given top notch instruction by our highly educated coaching staff.  Our focus in this group is on building fundamental skills, strength and flexibility.

At the end of the school year, Rising Stars gymnasts may be invited to train in the Super Stars. Super Stars is a team development group that only meets during the summer. It trains 3 days a week (9 hours per week). Gymnasts invited to this program are typically invited onto the Jump Stars competitive team at the end of the summer.

At this time, we do not offer a team development program for our boys’ team. Boys are invited directly from their school age classes to participate in the competitive boys’ program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will my daughter be invited into the team development program?

Team Development is a year-round program. Typically gymnastics are invited into the program at the end of the school year and begin training in the summer. If there are openings in our team development group, a gymnast may be asked to join the program mid-year.

Recreational gymnasts are continuously evaluated by their instructors. During the spring session, the team director asks each instructor if they have students they would recommend for the team development program. You can also schedule an evaluation with the team director, Dawn Kocher, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any point during the year to determine your child’s readiness for our team development program.

What is the time commitment required for your team development program?

Our Rising Stars practice 4 to 5 hours a week (2 days/week for 2 to 2.5 hours/ per day). During the summer months, select athletes may be invited into our Super Stars group, which would train a total of 9 hours per week (3 days/week for 3/hours per day). The goal of the Super Stars group is to prepare athletes to compete Level 3 in the fall.

Is there an age requirement/restriction for the Rising Stars program?

Gymnasts in this program are typically 6 to 10 years old. However, gymnasts are not required to be in this age range to participate in the Rising Stars program.

Jump Start Gymnastics also offers advanced classes for gymnasts in kindergarten and 1st grade who are interested in some day being on our Jump Stars team. These classes are Kinder Stars, Junior Stars, and Shooting Stars. Participation in any of these classes requires an invitation from the School Age director, Erica Sapinski.

What skills does a gymnast need in order to be invited into the Rising Stars program?

Our instructors and team director look at a variety of attributes when determining who is invited into the team development program. While current skill level is very important, we also look at a gymnast’s strength, flexibility, focus, and ability to make corrections.

Skills that our team development gymnasts are working towards include:

Vault: Straight Jumpsand Handstand Flat Back onto the Resi (Level 3 vault).

Bars: Chin-up Pull-Over,Shoot Through, Mill Circles, Back Hip Circle Undershoot Dismount, Front Hip Circles.

Beam: Vertical Handstands, Side Handstand quarter-turn dismount, Split Leaps, half turns.

Floor: Round- Offs,Back handsprings, Handstand Forward Roll, Backward roll to push up, Handstand to Bridge Kick-over, Split Leaps, Half Turns.

Does my daughter have to be in a team development group to be invited onto the Jump Stars Competitive Team?

While most of our competitive athletes come from our team development program we occasionally will invite girls directly from the school age program onto our Xcel team.

Do gymnasts in the Rising Stars program compete?

Our team development gymnasts have the opportunity to participate in both the Mini Meet and Gym Show but they do not attend USAG-sanctioned competitions. The purpose of the team development group is to prepare gymnasts both mentally and physically to participate in competitions in future years. 

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