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(walking to 36 months)

Totally Toddler is a movement exploration and education program specifically designed for children who are just beginning to walk through 36 months. Through instructor led guided play students are exposed to activities that build strength, coordination, spatial awareness, social skills and independence. Our toddler gym, perfectly sized for this age group, provides a fun and safe environment for our youngest students to begin learning gymnastics and celebrate exciting discoveries.

Biddy Buddies

Biddy Buddies is a 45 minute movement education class for children who are walking to 24 months participating with a parent/caregiver. Through guided play children have the opportunity to explore three different activity circuits weekly. These circuits introduce spatial understanding, movement, strength, balance, hand-eye coordination and basic gymnastics concepts. Children will gain confidence to move in different environments, gain better body control and spatial understanding as well as development of social skills.

Buddy and Me

Buddy & Me is a 45 minute movement education and introduction to gymnastics class for children who are 20-33 months old participating with a parent/care giver. Class begins with a fun activity that encourages imagination, movement and musicality. Each class includes three activity circuits where children are introduced to balance beams, bars, trampolines and much more! Children work on basic gymnastics skills, locomotor skills, eye-hand coordination and sport-related activities. Children are encouraged to engage in group socialization and cooperative games.

Teeny Tigers

(Prerequisite: Children 30 to 33 months old must have completed at least one session of Buddy and Me.)

Teeny Tigers is a 45 minute introduction to gymnastics class for children ages 30-36 months. Using gymnastics activity circuits children work on and learn the names of basic gymnastics skills while gaining confidence to participate in class independently. In addition to the Totally Toddler program goals, a specific goal of the Teeny Tigers class is to transition and prepare our students to participate independently in the Jungle Gym program by 36 months. During the initial classes parent/care giver may participate with child as needed.

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