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Suzette Bourland

Cheer Stars Head Coach

Cheerleading &
Tumbling Director

Suzette Bourland is our enthusiastic Cheerleading & Tumbling Program Director. In addition to teaching cheerleading classes at Jump Start, Suzette is the head coach of the Cheer Stars, our competitive All-Star Cheerleading Team. Suzette is a perfect match for the growing cheerleading program with her experience and dynamic personality.

Her experience includes 19 years in tumbling and cheerleading and eight years in gymnastics and dance. She has won numerous state and national cheerleading titles and was the Grand National Champion in 2001, with the highest score ever made at Nationals. She has competed in the Partner Stunt Competition, was featured in American Cheerleading Magazine in 2003 and was third at the world championships in 2005.

With an education and training in kinesiology, nutrition, culinary arts management and restaurant management, she brings a variety of skills to Jump Start where she has worked since January 2014.

"Cheerleading is my life! My other passion is food; I love cooking and eating healthy foods," Miss Suzette says. "The best part about working at Jump Start is the kids. Every day they make me laugh, work so hard to get their skills down, and come to class with a smile on their face. Second best thing is the people I work for and with. They rock; they make it the best place to be for the kids and for me as an employee. I love working at Jump Start!"

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