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At Jump Start, we aim to educate young children in a safe, fun, learning environment, through guided play, experimentation, exploration and discovery. We use the sport of gymnastics and movement activities as a tool to successfully develop healthy happy children with positive self images.

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October Family of the Month

As part of our year-long celebration leading up to our 10th Anniversary in business, we would like to thank those families who have supported our programs the longest by creating a Family of the Month program!

Jump Start's October Family of the Month is the SNYDER family!


The Snyder family has been coming to Jump Start since it opened in September 2005. Jess took recreational classes until Jump Start formed a competition team. Jess was a member of Jump Start's first competitive team and has been a member and competed ever since. This will be her ninth season and she is very excited to compete as a new Level 8!

Abby has attended recreational gymnastics classes since Jump Start opened. She has recently added tumbling and cheerleading classes to her activities.

When asked what has kept them coming to Jump Start for so many years, Mary says "the coaches at Jump Start take a holistic approach when working with our gymnasts. Coaches and staff look at the gymnasts individually and strive to help them perform the best that they can. But they also help the gymnasts develop personal skills that will be beneficial the rest of their lives – like integrity, discipline, dedication, loyalty, safety, and having fun. It's not just about learning specific skills; it's also about learning the characteristics needed to be successful. And, it's not about every competing gymnast being a champion or always placing in Meets. For Jump Start, it's about developing the gymnasts and helping them reach their potential. The gymnast who works hard and tries her best is just as important as the State champion. As a result, this type of approach has garnered many state champions and other superior performances from Jump Start gymnasts."

Mary adds that Jump Start has also given some talented gymnasts (current and alumni) the opportunity to coach. Liz Bowman, Caleigh Ludolph, and Jess all participated in gymnastics at Jump Start and are now coaching. This is a win-win for everyone: the gymnasts get a chance to continue using their skills and knowledge, and nurture their passion for gymnastics, while Jump Starts gets to retain the quality athletes/coaches they originally invested in.

She goes on to say that "from Cassandra & Renee to Laurel, Aaron, Jenny & Liz, the Jump Start team has had the best coaches we could ask for! And, even though Abby doesn't compete, she has always had wonderful coaches for her rec classes, with Erica and Suzette coaching her now. We really appreciate all the coaches at Jump Start!"

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