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At Jump Start, we aim to educate young children in a safe, fun, learning environment, through guided play, experimentation, exploration and discovery. We use the sport of gymnastics and movement activities as a tool to successfully develop healthy happy children with positive self images.

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December Family of the Month

 As part of our year-long celebration leading up to our 10th Anniversary in business, we would like to thank those families who have supported our programs the longest by creating a Family of the Month program!


 Jump Start's December Family of the Month is the HARRIS- HARDAWAY family!

The Harris – Hardaway Family

Gymnast: Emily Harris, 13

Twin Brother: Arthur Harris, 13

Younger Brother: Alexander Hardaway, 10

Mom: Marina Harris-Hardaway

Dad (gymnast’s step-dad) Joseph Hardaway

Emily started out in recreational classes at age 5 in 2006 at Jump Start.  Prior to that, she took tumbling classes at other venues.  She came to Jump Start at age 3 1/2 because it offered all gymnastics apparatus in addition to tumbling.  Her twin brother, Arthur, was in boys’ classes until age 7 when he switched to other sports.  Watching Arthur and Emily do gymnastics from the toddler play area at Jump Start, Alex asked one day if he could join as well.  He participated in a few preschool classes and in open gyms.

            Emily advanced through the levels and joined the team as level 4 in 2011.  She is currently a level 7.

            She kept coming back to Jump Start because she enjoys gymnastics too much to stay out.  She is very self-motivated, so her family could not keep her away from the gym.  That would be like shutting off her “oxygen supply” or her life source.  Seeing improvement in her skills and the success of so many Jump Start gymnasts qualifying to state has been exciting.

            The coaches are open, helpful, positive, and inspiring.  Emily believes that gymnastics is a sport that requires consistent hard work and full commitment, so everyone in her family has made some sort of sacrifices.  Emily would like to thank so many team mates, coaches and parents who have helped her out through the years in so many ways.  Emily’s original interest in gymnastics might have stemmed from her Eastern European background (her mom is from Ukraine), but Jump Start has developed that interest. Emily has many family members abroad who cannot be here to cheer for her, but Jump Start’s team mates and families have helped fill that gap by their continued support!



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