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At Jump Start, we aim to educate young children in a safe, fun, learning environment, through guided play, experimentation, exploration and discovery. We use the sport of gymnastics and movement activities as a tool to successfully develop healthy happy children with positive self images.

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March Family of the Month

 As part of our year-long celebration leading up to our 10th Anniversary in business, we would like to thank those families who have supported our programs the longest by creating a Family of the Month program!


 Jump Start's February Families of the Month are the MAAG family & the ROUTLEY family!

The Maag Family



Hi! We are the Maag family!

We are Brody (the Papa), Julie (the Mama), Holiday (14), Angus (11), Scarlett (9), and Elliott (6).

We began attending Jump Start for the homeschool gymnastic classes when Holiday was just 6 years old in 2006 or so (before there was air conditioning, gasp!). Eventually Holiday and Angus were both in the homeschool classes and Scarlett was toddling around the place and trying her hardest to get in the half door and "jump on the beds". Her one goal was to get in that gym and we listened!

We signed Scarlett up as soon as she was old enough and she never looked back! Holiday quit gymnastics when she was in yellow level so that she could pursue ballet and piano. Scarlett and Angus stuck with it and are now in their first competitive season! Angus is on the Level 4 boys team and Scarlett is on the Level 3 girls team. They are having so much fun earning medals and trophies! Our little Elliott is half way to yellow level now and hoping to follow in their footsteps.

We first enjoyed the classes for our little ones because they had to listen and follow a circuit, get active with other kids, and get out of their comfort zone a bit. As our kids have grown we have come to love gymnastics because it is such a great sport for strength, flexibility, team work, and self-discipline. They take criticism from their coaches and use the input to improve. What an awesome life skill! It is great for us parents because it helps our kids get their crazies out! For real, it is tough to live with a little gymnast when they have been away from training for too long. Plus, we have made some great friends with the parents of our kids' team mates. Winning!

We love Jump Start because it is a gym whose goal is not just to coach our kids to be excellent athletes but to have a balanced family and school life as well. Best of all, there is so much love in this gym from the coaches and staff toward these kids!

See you around the gym, my friends!

The Maags



                                           The Routley Family


Matt, Sarah (13), Faith (10), Leah

Sarah started at Jump Start when she was probably 4 years old. We were looking for something for her to do over the summer when she wasn't doing dance classes at Kim's. She loved gymnastics and decided to stick with it. She continued doing both dance and gymnastics for a number of years (I can't remember how long) until she decided to focus more on dance. She still struggles with that decision and wishes that she had time to do both. Faith started at age 3 after watching Sarah. She hasn't stopped since then. She's now 10.

When we started at Jump Start, we lived in Peoria. Jump Start was convenient for us and the girls loved their teachers, especially Miss Thecla. About 5 years ago, we moved to East Peoria and decided that it didn't make sense to drive 30 minutes to Jump Start. We explored some other gyms on our side of the river, but nothing seemed to fit. The girls missed the fun atmosphere and the variety of activities and skills offered at Jump Start. So we returned to Jump Start after about a year away. Gymnastics at Jump Start is a way for our girls to stay active, fit, and healthy. They have learned many life skills as well as physical skills. Mostly for us, it's about getting physical activity and having fun doing it.

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