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Class Placement

Class placement for children 5 & under is primarily done by age.    Class placement for school age children is by age and ability.  Class placement by ability is at the discretion of Jump Start Gymnastics staff.

Class Schedule

Jump Start offers two class schedules throughout the calendar year.  The school year class schedule starts at the end of August and runs through the end of May.  It consists of 36 weeks of scheduled class times.  Registration for school year classes begins late July and is ongoing throughout the school year.  The 10 week summer class schedule starts at the beginning of June and runs through the middle of August.  Registration for summer classes begins late April.  Students usually attend one class one time a week.  Class lengths vary based on the age and skill level of the students. 

Class Cancellations

Inclement Weather: If Jump Start personnel determine it is necessary to cancel classes due to bad weather, cancellations will appear on local TV stations or their websites, our website ( and our Facebook page.  Jump Start does not guarantee make up classes for classes missed due to inclement weather. 

If at any time due to weather conditions you do not feel comfortable traveling to Jump Start to attend class, please notify the office and schedule a make up class time. 

Holiday Breaks: Classes will not meet during scheduled holiday breaks.  Please see the yearly schedule for any holiday class cancellations.

Make Up Policy

  • The office must be notified in advance if the student is going to miss their original class, in order for them to make up their class.
  • Make ups must be scheduled in advance by calling or visiting our office.
  • Make ups are scheduled in similar classes that do not have the maximum number of students already registered.
  • Make ups for classes missed due to an illness or other reasons are not guaranteed.

Annual Fee

All students/families are required to pay a non-refundable annual registration fee of $35/student or $60/family.  This fee is due at the time of registration and is reassessed annually.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for class fees except in extreme circumstances. All refunds will be made at the discretion of management.

Payment Policy

Payments for School Year classes are divided into three equal payments.  Each payment includes 12 scheduled class times.  The first payment is due at the time of registration.  The second payment is due in November while the third payment is due in February.  Refer to the class schedule for exact payment due dates. 

Payment for summer classes is due at the time of registration which begins the middle of April. 

Registration is ongoing throughout the year.  Class fees will be prorated for students registering after the initial start dates. 

The following forms of payment are accepted:  cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.

Student Attire

Students under 3 yrs:  Comfortable clothing with minimal snaps, buttons, and zippers.  Girls:  Gymnastics leotards (no skirts) and long hair in a pony tail or bun. *Midriffs must be covered. Boys:  T-shirts tucked into a pair of elastic waist shorts.  All students should be bare feet (no socks or tights).  Please do not wear jewelry of any kind.

Pleasant Reminders

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your class time and escort the student to the appropriate class.
  • Please turn off cell phone ringers during your child's class.
  • Parents and siblings are welcome to observe classes in the designated viewing and toy area. For your children's safety, we ask that children remain under adult supervision at all times.
  • Please - NO climbing on the wall or the bleachers.
  • Anyone not enrolled in a class is not allowed on the gym floor.
  • Please refrain from interaction with students or instructors during class.
  • Please pitch in. Clean up after yourself.
  • Please have your child use the restroom before class time.
  • Please place personal items in the cubbies provided during class.
  • Please contact the gymnastics office with any questions or concerns.

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